Fees & Costs

Fees & Costs

We will require that you sign an engagement agreement after your initial consultation, if you determine that you would like for us to provide you with legal services. We often require that you post a retainer with us which we will use to pay fees and costs in your case. Pursuant to Colorado law, client retainers are held in a trust account separate from the law firm’s general account until the fees are earned or the costs are incurred. We will provide you with a monthly statement describing the work performed and the costs incurred to date, and the remainder of your retainer.

Amount of Retainer

The amount of the retainer we require varies and depends on various factors including the type and complexity of the case and the jurisdiction. A retainer is not an estimate of our fees. We will not provide you with an estimate of our fees unless we agree to provide you with certain services on a “flat fee” basis.

Free 30-minute Consultation

We will meet with you for a free 30 minute consultation. While we cannot give you legal advice until we have been apprised of the specific facts of your case, we can have a general discussion with you during your first consultation regarding the law in Colorado as it relates to family law matters, our fees, the time frame for your case, your goals and expectations, and the legal process.

How to Save Money

  • Review our blog post: Time is Money: How Much Will This Cost and How Long Will It Take?
  • Be prepared for meetings with your lawyer and show up on time.
  • Organize information and documents ahead of time. If possible, scan and email your documents to your lawyer in advance.
  • Keep phone calls with your lawyer focused on your legal matter.
  • Be realistic about your case or situation.
  • Make informed and reasonable decisions after consultation with your lawyer. It is often more time consuming and expensive to try to “fix” poor decisions after the fact.
  • Be aware that in most situations, litigation will be far more expensive and stressful than amicable settlement. However, a strong settlement position requires preparation, commitment, and investment.

“There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.” – George Washington

Woody Law Firm provides pro bono representation to eligible individuals only upon referral directly from Metro Volunteer Lawyers or the Colorado Bar Association’s Appellate Pro Bono Program.

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