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Alexis Elliott

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Alexis Elliott

Woody Law Firm, LLC 140 E. 19th Avenue, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80203

About Alexis Elliott

Alexis Elliott is Woody Law Firm’s Director of HR & Office Manager. She not only helps with keeping things behind the scenes running smoothly but takes on the responsibility of bring a lively, fun, and inclusive culture to the office. Fostering Support, dynamic approaches, and forecasting business needs, Ms. Elliott is revolutionizing the team!

Ms. Elliott is originally from Newport Beach, CA but she grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated from Arapahoe Community College where she obtained an Associates of Arts in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Developmental Childhood Psychology. While in school, Ms. Elliott developed a strong passion for Psychology particularly on Attachment Theory. After graduating, Ms. Elliott went on to work in Human Resources – Recruiting. After several years, she found herself moving into a more dynamic role where she was able to explore and gain new skills which has led her to us!

In her free time, you will find Ms. Elliott with her French Bulldog Moe, enjoying the dining scenery, scuba diving, traveling, camping, and snowboarding.



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