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Family is priority. When a situation arises that threatens your family, it’s natural to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. It’s also normal to want to protect your family at all costs.

Unfortunately, family law cases can disrupt your family dynamic. Divorce, custody battles, child support, and other important issues have the power to alter your family’s stability. This often leads to extreme stress for parents and children alike.

With an experienced Denver family law attorney, you can navigate these situations with ease. No matter the scope or nature of your case, an experienced family law attorney can make a world of difference.

Woody Law Firm LLC: Your Denver Family Law Firm

The team of Denver family lawyers at Woody Law Firm LLC specializes exclusively in family law and family mediation cases. We have been practicing for many years, and we understand the importance of protecting and preserving your family’s well-being. No matter what your family is going through, we are here to lend support and walk you through the legal complications that may arise.

Our exclusive focus on family law ensures that we can offer high-quality legal counsel to you and your loved ones. We are never distracted by other types of cases or because our work involves only family law. We are highly trained and highly experienced attorneys who give you the very best chance of winning your Denver family law case.

Types of Family Law We Handle

Family law is a broad area of the legal system. Fortunately, our team of Denver family lawyers provides services for many different types of family law cases. This gives you more comprehensive protection and better peace of mind.


Separating from a spouse is one of the most difficult and stressful events a person can experience. This process often leads to several other key decisions and negotiations that will impact your family’s future. Our team can advise you throughout the divorce process to ensure that you are cared for and supported after the divorce is finalized.


Though divorce can be stressful, many people can resolve their differences through mediation. This saves you both time and money and allows you to discuss your divorce in a pragmatic way. We offer both mediation and litigation services for your convenience.

Property Division

One of the most difficult parts of the divorce process is dividing property between you and your ex-spouse. All your assets will be assessed and divided equally or according to any prenuptial agreement you may have. This can be emotional and worrisome for those who want to keep certain assets. Our team can help in negotiating with your ex-spouse, giving you the chance to retain what is important to you.

Child Custody

Child custody negotiations always focus on what is best for the child rather than the preferences or feelings of the parent. Child custody falls into two categories: physical and legal. Physical custody involves the guardianship of a child. Legal custody encompasses all legal decisions that a parent can make about their child. It’s possible to have physical custody without legal custody, but it is rare to have legal custody without physical custody. Many divorced or separated parents have both.

Our job as family law attorneys is to ensure that the court sees why you are a fit parent and why your children’s well-being depends upon living with you. Court rulings may result in full custody, partial custody, parenting time, or no parental rights in both the legal and physical categories.

Parenting Time

Parenting time, also known as visitation, encompasses the amount of time each parent spends with their child. In some scenarios, a parent will not receive custody or parental decision-making privileges, but they are legally entitled to spend time with their children. If this is on the table during your divorce proceedings, we can help to argue for your perspective. What is in the children’s best interest is ultimately the deciding factor.

Child Support

Situations in which one parent has more physical custody than the other often warrant child support. Monetary support helps to ensure that both of the child’s parents are contributing equally. It’s also possible to arrange child support in shared custody scenarios that involve one parent with an income that is much higher than the other. Our team helps you to negotiate your Denver child support terms, as well as to enforce them.

Spousal Maintenance / Support

If one spouse benefits from a high income while the other does not or runs the household without outside income, the low-earning spouse may be entitled to spousal support payments. These payments help to compensate the spouse for their work at home, as well as ensure that they are financially stable after the divorce is finalized. We can ensure that payments are fair and that you aren’t paying more or receiving less than is appropriate.

Non-Parental Rights

Grandparents and stepparents may be able to claim guardianship rights over children during or after a divorce. Though this is less common than parental rights, our firm has experience in this arena and can help you navigate the process, if applicable.

High Net-Worth Divorce

If you or your spouse have significant assets, own a business together, or are otherwise handling a large sum of money, it’s especially important to have an attorney to represent you. High net-worth divorces can be difficult, and we’ll ensure that the court treats you fairly.

Limited-Scope Representation

In addition to offering traditional representation, we offer limited representation (unbundled) services to those clients who may benefit from the ability to manage their own cases. Under this model, clients receive legal advice specific to their needs without having to commit to a high retainer or ongoing attorney-client relationship. Services include:

  • Consultations
  • Court document and settlement agreement drafting
  • Review of client-prepared documents
  • Representation at settlement conferences and/or mediation
  • Representation in court

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For your Denver family law needs, trust our expert family lawyers at Woody Law Firm LLC. Our experience, expertise, and attention to detail are unmatched in the local legal community, and we are sure your case will benefit from our help.

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