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When imaging various legal scenarios, it’s common to picture dramatic courtroom scenes. Though some situations can certainly escalate to this level, not all of them do. In fact, it’s not always necessary to argue your case in court. In some situations, mediation may be sufficient to resolve your issue.

Mediation is a completely legal and effective process. Just as with courtroom litigation, the decisions made in mediation are legitimate and legally binding. The major difference is the format in which you bring these issues to a resolution.

Mediation typically translates into saving clients time, money, and heartache that is at risk when litigating a divorce. While many law firms do not offer mediation in house, we offer full family law mediation services for your convenience.

Woody Law Firm, LLC: Your Family Law Mediation Attorneys

When it comes to family law, no firm in the Denver area knows more than our team at Woody Law Firm, LLC. Our focus on family law has given us a high level of expertise in the field. We have seen and won cases of all kinds, giving us the experience to handle your case with ease. No matter your situation or circumstances, we know how to properly represent you.

Our firm has been in the Denver family law industry for many years. Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody dispute, division of assets, or child support issue, we can help you navigate your situation. No other firm has our level of experience in the family law sector. We are your best choice for family law mediation of any kind.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a viable alternative to the court process. While many people argue their case in a courtroom, mediation involves discussing your issue in the presence of mediators. A mediator is an impartial third party who can facilitate productive conversations and help you to come to a legal conclusion.

There are two ways to structure mediation sessions. In the first method, you can hire a member of our team to represent you in mediation. The other person involved will hire an attorney-mediator to represent them. The four of us will meet to discuss the issue and negotiate a solution. This is similar to a courtroom, without the pressure and stress of additional people. Ultimately, you maintain more control and are able to voice your concerns in a mediation setting.

For example, if you are getting divorced, you and your spouse may choose to hire attorneys to represent you in mediation. We structure the conversation to ensure that we cover all the necessary requirements of a divorce and you and your spouse are able to add input and discuss items as they arise. The legal representation is present to ensure that the final result is fair and that any roadblocks are quickly dismantled.

The second form of mediation involves one of our attorneys acting as a neutral third party. You and the other person involved in your case meet with a single mediator who is there to facilitate the conversation and help come to a compromise. Our attorney is not there to take sides but rather to ensure that both of you are heard within the conversation and the compromise is fair and legal.

For example, if you are modifying your child custody arrangement, you could meet with your child’s other parent and a mediator to draw out a plan. This ensures that you can both speak openly and come to an agreement without slandering one another in court.

Why Do I Need a Mediator?

Many people believe that they can have these conversations with only the other person present. In reality, this is often not the case. Even if you feel amicably toward one another, it’s easy to begin to bicker without another person there to direct the conversation.

More importantly, mediation legalizes the resolutions. There are standards of the law that you must meet when you come to an agreement. Without knowing or understanding the standards, you can easily develop a solution that lacks legality or effectiveness. A mediator helps to ensure that your solution is fair and legal while taking both parties’ wishes into account. Mediation gives you a chance to speak your mind and come to a solution civilly; it does not give you the opportunity to evade the law.

What Kind of Family Law Cases Can Be Mediated?

Most any kind of family law cases can go to mediation. Unlike criminal cases, the law is not prosecuting you for anything in these circumstances. You are facing one other person in an effort to find a compromise or solution to a personal situation. Because of this, a judge does not need to be involved in the entire situation. If you decide to use mediation, the judge simply has to review and approve at the end, rather than overseeing the entire process.

Mediation is common during divorce proceedings. Many people divorce amicably or civilly, giving them the opportunity to work out their issues between themselves and a licensed mediator-attorney. This is especially true if you don’t have many assets to divide. If you both want the same things, mediation is a great way to move the process quickly and peacefully.

Why Should I Mediate Instead of Going to Court?

Perhaps the most common reason that people use mediation is the money that it saves. Rather than paying for attorneys to fight lengthy court cases, you can pay a mediator-attorney to facilitate a civil conversation. This often takes much less time and effort, saving money on lawyer fees and rates.

During mediation, you also have a greater chance of having your voice heard. While your representation speaks for you in a courtroom setting, you are able to speak your mind in a mediation setting, as long as you are able to remain respectful and dignified. This is a great opportunity to stand up for yourself and ensure that all your concerns and ideas come to light. Many people benefit from this method and find that they are ultimately happier with the result when they feel that they had a greater hand in securing it.

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