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Category Archives: Divorce

What Is the Best Way to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement?

In some families, divorce occurs as a natural part of life. Nothing in particular initiates it; there’s no hostility, and both parties are just ready to move on. Other couples…

Do You Need a Divorce for Common Law Marriage in Denver, Colorado?

Couples in Denver who have been effectively married but have never gone through the legal process for statutory marriage often wonder what, if any, legal process they must complete in…

What Percentage of Married Couples Get Prenups in Denver?

In the midst of the joy and excitement of planning a wedding, many couples are also increasingly taking the time to plan their marriage. Where, in decades past, discussions regarding…

What Are the Three Types of Legal Separation in Denver, Colorado?

As with any relationship, some marriages run their course, and the couple chooses to separate. This could be caused by changes in personality, job stress, disagreements over parenting, and more.…

How Does Mediation Work in Colorado?

Mediation can be a very useful tool in a variety of legal cases. It is a faster, less expensive, and more private way to settle a case outside of a…

How Long Do You Have to Be Married to Get Half of Everything in Colorado?

Even in the most ideal circumstances, divorce can be a difficult process. It is time-consuming and stressful, and it brings up a lot of potentially unpleasant emotions. Understanding the divorce…

How Does Spousal Maintenance Support Work in Colorado?

When finalizing a divorce, different payment plans can be used as asset allocation to ensure that both parties are equally compensated. A spousal maintenance plan is one of the most…

What Is the Collaborative Process in a Denver Divorce?

If you are facing a divorce in Denver, CO, you must understand your options. All divorces are different, and there are several ways you can approach the situation. Though many…

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